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Well, today i’m glad to introduce you my new chubby pics. These are Helen and Viktoria.
As soon as Helen saw strong dick, she quickly knelt before the penis and slowly licked along its 9 inch length. When she suddenly felt a hand on her chubby hips, she turned her head to see a man’s hand stroking her arse and seeking out her wet hole. She stoped. And in a few mins she returned to the cock she was sucking and took the whole length in to her mouth, as the hand behind her finally found its mark and began inserting a finger into her pussy.
It must be amazing to fuck with a finger such a fat busty chubby babe. I mean does she can feel anything that way? Nevermind. so lets get back to our chubby pics galleries.
Viktoria had always liked keeping her chubby pussy shaved so when she was naked as a teenager she looked extremely hot. She love wearing sexy clothing or as little as she could get buy with and letting unsuspecting people see her. It’s not very usual manner for chubbies i must say. Viktoria straddled a guy and slid his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. They fuck like crazy and sight is incredible. There are a lot of chubby galleries with such really fat BBW ladies at Viktoria pushed that guy back on the sofa still greedy for more pulled down his clothes got his rock hard dick which looked like it was choked to purple. He slid it down her cunt and in it plopped with a slurpy noise into her tight chubby hole. As my girlfiend said – I could feel every inch of his cock sliding in and out of me. Ha-ha..

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